Ventilation technology

The correct air budget is an often underestimated quality factor in surface treatment technology. Where heating, cooling, movement and filtration is concerned, a great deal of energy can be saved with innovative solutions.

Supply air systems replace extracted air quantities and ensure:

  • constant temperature
  • constant product quality
  • balanced air budget

Supply and exhaust air systems
Supply air systems ensure draught-free and clean ventilation of work rooms, while high-efficiency exhaust air systems with fans and filter systems are responsible for the necessary air exhaust. This takes place with the lowest possible use of energy and with the longest possible intervals between maintenance and cleaning operations. We also offer intelligent air solutions for dryers, pretreatment plants and cooling zones.

Heat recovery
A further important point is heat recovery. We can achieve up to a maximum of 80% heat recovery with the most diverse systems. Cross-current, rotary heat exchanger, heating pipe or circulatory systems – they all have their own advantages and efficiencies, which we integrate according to requirements during the planning of the plant.