IR dryers

Infrared ovens are suitable for powder, solvent-based and water-based paints.

IR dryers
Infrared ovens are particularly suitable for high material thicknesses or temperature-sensitive workpieces. In the drying of paint, infrared heat is often superior to conventional air drying, because the radiation penetrates the material and dries the paint film from the inside outwards. This hinders the formation of a skin or blisters on the surface and accelerates the drying of the paint. The result is a brilliant surface quality.
On account of their outstanding powder wetting, these dryers are frequently used as gelling zones before powder enamelling furnaces.


  • Drastic reduction of drying times
  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Saving of space
  • Fast temperature increase possible
  • Universally usable with powder / solvent-based / water-based paints
  • Less sanding necessary with wood, since the water exposure period with water-based paints is shorter
  • Avoidance of skin formation
  • Very good surface qualities
  • Safe, since there are no open flames
  • Flexible regulation
  • Degradation of solvents by oxidation