Special solutions for extraction from one or more sources of emission, designed and manufactured in accordance with special customer requirements.

Special filters
Special filter systems are designed for extraction from one or more sources of emission. We design and manufacture them in accordance with the special requirements of our customers. These filters are usually based on our own proven designs, which we then specially modify.

Special applications or special solutions implemented:

  • Activated charcoal filter for odorous substances and solvents
  • Filter for flame spraying
  • Filter for laser/welding smoke
  • Filter for rubber dust
  • Filter for oil mist separation / suction
  • Bunker filter / silo filter
  • Flue gas filter
  • Filter for central vacuum cleaner plants
  • Custom filters according to customer specifications

Special versions:

  • Filters with exchangeable wearing plates
  • Stainless steel filters
  • Filters with thermal or acoustic insulation
  • Filters with heatable exterior surfaces
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