Works celebration at Rippert

Looking back with the historic VW Bus T2

Herzebrock-Clarholz (ds). “That’s how they travelled to installations in 1967”, says Thomas Rippert, looking at a VW Bus T2. Because even in the early days of Rippert Anlagentechnik, which was founded in 1966 by Paul Rippert, ‘what was produced in Clarholz had to go to the customer’.

At the works celebration on Saturday, the managing director and son of the company founder presented a special dropside van. He had promised ‘sometime beautiful from the old days’. In addition, two employees who were there at the very beginning of the company drove the vehicle, with Franz-Josef Hagemann at the wheel and Egbert Hartmann in the passenger seat. “We are presenting it to the public for the first time now”, said Thomas Rippert, who was delighted to have an opportunity to display the renovated VW Bus, which is registered as a vintage vehicle. In Rippert blue and with the first company logo on the doors, it gives you an impression of how employees and managers travelled to installations at the beginning of the 1970s. With 50.2 HP it has a top speed of 110 kilometres per hour. “Employees travelled to Bavaria and back with that”, related Thomas Rippert. And not only that: “We as a family also went to church in Lette on Sunday mornings with a VW Bus like that.” Numerous guests shared his joy at the original from 1970, which will be used in future at festivities and for decorative purposes. From midday onwards the company site on Paul-Rippert-Strasse was buzzing like a beehive: Distributed over the day, the company expected a good 1000 visitors. Thomas Rippert welcomed children, employees, families, pensioners and neighbours. Looking back on years gone by, he remarked that much had happened since the last works celebration in 2008 on the occasion of the inauguration of the new factory buildings. “I hope you have already taken the opportunity to cast a glance inside the new production buildings.” He made no secret of the fact that construction of the new four-storey office building has been somewhat delayed. The company’s good order situation means that the company has other priorities at present. He thanked all helpers and wished everybody a lovely afternoon. And the young guests in particular, whom Thomas Rippert had welcomed first, felt at ease: bungee jumping, trampolines, a carousel, scat facilities, a sand pit and more were provided. Music was provided by the ‘Rocketeers’, who entertained with brisk rhythms and quips.

The VW dropside bus in Rippert-Blue
The VW dropside bus in Rippert blue with (from left) Egbert Hartmann, Thomas Rippert and Franz-Josef Hagemann