Coating plants from Rippert are versatile all-rounders. They can be used for the precise painting of car components, pieces of furniture or plastic accessories, in addition to which you have the option of combining manual elements such as spray tables or walls as well as automated components. Of course, we can also design fully automated coating processes for you with the aid of state-of-the-art robot technology.

At Rippert we develop and plan coating plants together with you in order to create all the conditions necessary for the optimum surface treatment of your products. Anything is possible, from workpieces for cars and individual furniture components through to the surface treatment of entire plastic sheets for further processing later on. Our plants stand for state-of-the-art technology and maximum efficiency!

Nowadays a coating plant must satisfy many requirements. Of course, these plant construction components must primarily ensure that paint is applied evenly to the workpieces. But in these times of increasing pressures of cost, coating plants must also operate more and more economically. That's why we plan and assembly plants that operate highly efficiently with maximum performance and minimum costs for you, without compromising quality in the process. Beyond that, environmental protection is an important factor. Thanks to elaborate filter technologies and separation functions, our plants fulfil even the strictest environmental protection regulations.