Wet spray painting is still one of the most important methods of effectively and inexpensively coating workpieces. A broad spectrum within the field of wet paints additionally offers a multitude of selection possibilities. Distinction is made between manual spray methods (in front of spray walls or in spray booths) and automatic methods (using robots or automatic spraying mechanisms). The atomised coating material is applied to the workpiece. Surplus paint that is not taken up by the workpiece (overspray) is reduced and employees and the environment are thus effectively protected. The overspray can be bound via dry or wet separation.

In the case of dry separation, the overspray is bound in the pre-filter and fine filter.

In the case of wet separation, the overspray (paint) meets the water film of the spray wall and is thereby bound in the water. The sludge formed by this is discharged using sludge filtration systems.