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Electrophoretic coating

Use the RIPPERT electrophoretic coating for painting metals and metallised plastic surfaces. With the help of dip coating you can paint submersible objects efficiently. The more complex electrophoretic coating is recommended for certain applications.

In the electrolytic coating of components with direct current, we distinguish between cathodic dip coating and anodic dip coating. In both methods, the paint film is deposited on the object surface from an aqueous paint emulsion in an immersion bath by the action of DC current. In anodic electrophoretic coating the paint material is the anode, while in cathodic electrophoretic coating the paint material is the cathode in the electrical DC circuit. When current flows, the paint emulsion in the acid boundary layer or alkaline boundary layer coagulates and forms a highly adhesive paint film that is hard and corrosion-resistant.

Make use of the advantages of electrophoretic coating: the high environmental friendliness, the efficient application of water-soluble coatings, the good coverage of complicated geometries as well as the high degree of automation.

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Efficient and highly precise

Dip pre-treatment system
Anodic dip painting system for agricultural machinery
Cathodic dip painting line for sheet metal and weldments
Anodic dip coating plant for sheet metal parts
E-Coat module system for zig zag-spring packages

At a glance

  • For coating metals and metallized plastic surfaces
  • Cathodic dip coating (CDC)
  • Anodic dip coating (ADC)
  • Forms a well adhering paint film, which is hard and corrosion resistant
  • High environmental friendliness
  • Efficient application of water soluble paints
  • Good suitability for complicated geometries
  • High degree of automation

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