Digital solutions

RIPPERT offers digital solutions not only by providing services ranging from the conceptual design & planning of new paint shops to optimising existing ones. As a true all-rounder, our RIPPERT-MES software provides something to everyone.

MES stands for Manufacturing Execution System. VDI guideline 5600 defines data collection, information as well as order, material, resource and quality management including detailed planning and control as the key functional areas of such a system.

In short: “RIPPERT-MES is a smart system to monitor, visualise, control and optimise the functions of a paint shop.” Countless MES providers are supplying the market. Read below to find out what distinguishes RIPPERT MES from other MES software.

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App-solutely tailor-made

“Made to measure” not only in the analogue world

What complements an individual paint shop better than a higher-level control system tailored to your specific needs? The answer is simple: Nothing! Therefore, our philosophy in the digital world is the same as in the analogue one.

The RIPPERT-MES software not only offers a powerful standardised range of functions, but also the possibility of seamlessly integrating customer-specific requirements / solutions. You do not just expect a system developed to meet the needs of any painting system but a solution tailored to your coating system.

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Made to Measure

What would the future be without the present?

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 and we at RIPPERT are also engaged in this exciting topic. Despite all the euphoria, we do not forget the issues that concern our customers here and now. It is the small changes that often have a big impact. Transparency and traceability are terms that are indispensable in a modern production company.

And it is precisely these fundamentals that are of great value to us. The RIPPERT-MES software enables, for example, detailed and seamless traceability at the individual part level with all process-relevant information.

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Today Tomorrow

At Rippert, it is not just the powder that crosslinks

What applies to us also applies to others. Enjoying the job is the be-all and end-all, as motivated employees are the basis for a successful result. For example, an intuitive, user-friendly web design with the best possible user support through the RIPPERT-MES software is of immense importance to us.

Particularly through equipment-related process support and despite extensive plausibility checks, the users do not have the feeling of being controlled, but of having the work done for them. After all, digital control must not only increase the efficiency and safety of processes but also improve user-friendliness.

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User Experience

We are always moving forward - promise!

“The development of software is never finished”. Following this statement, we are continuously developing RIPPERT MES. We understand software maintenance and support as the continuous development of the RIPPERT-MES software in functionality, user-friendliness and performance.

And the best part is that we continue to develop the software together with our most important partners - our customers. Because we are convinced that only the constant involvement of users and our dialogue with them helps create advanced software.

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Continuosly Developing

Never change a running system?

Your RIPPERT painting system has been working for several years without any issues but is not (yet) equipped with RIPPERT MES. Retro-fitting played a major role in designing our digital software with the result that existing installations are easy to upgrade.

We have designed generic interfaces for the fieldbus level to enable the subsequent connection of existing systems. It is not a problem that you use a painting system not manufactured by RIPPERT. We have the solution to connect your system to the RIPPERT MES.

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