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Powder coating

Powder technology has proven itself to be a reliable process for the coating of a wide range of components. RIPPERT powder-coating plants ensure maximum efficiency and save an enormous amount of energy thanks to innovative solutions that optimise the air balance.

In addition to the good environmental compatibility and a robust, highly corrosion-resistant surface, it is above all the enormous scope for design that speaks for powder coating. Whether you are looking for a manual system or a complex automatic plant with powder recovery, RIPPERT supplies all the necessary plant components for reliable powder coating – with plants that work in an environmentally friendly, efficient and economical manner.

RIPPERT offers you state-of-the-art powder-coating plants to suit your individual requirements. Manual powder-coating booths, for example, are characterised by their high flexibility and low investment costs. The plants are easy to clean, well illuminated and have an optimised air balance. The focus is on efficient and ergonomic work.

Automatic powder-coating booths can be used for a wide variety of applications and can be equipped with lifting frames or robots as required. The component geometry can be precisely determined via upstream light curtains in order to apply the powder at the desired locations and to avoid excessive powder use.

The RIPPERT powder filter is ideal for the separation of paint powder from powder-coating booths – also in combination with an upstream RIPPERT cyclone for powder recovery. Among the numerous advantages are the small footprint, the intake nozzles with a generously-sized inlet duct, the filter cartridges with optimised geometry or the powerful, noise-attenuated fan.

The cyclone separator consisting of inlet cylinder, cone and immersion tube provides you with an efficient cyclone separator for reliable powder recovery.

With modern air technology from RIPPERT, you can save a lot of energy in heating, cooling, movement and filtration. Our supply air systems ensure the draught-free, clean aeration of the work rooms, while exhaust air systems with fans and filters are responsible for the necessary exhaust air. We also offer intelligent ventilation solutions for dryers, pre-treatment plants and cooling zones. Another advantage is that we can achieve up to 80% maximum heat recovery with a wide range of systems.

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Environmentally friendly and versatile

Robot powder booth for aluminum parts
Automatic powder booth for aluminum profiles
Automatic powder booth for agricultural machine parts
Automatic powder booth for control cabinet parts
Robot powder booth for front door components

At a glance

  • Highest efficiency
  • Exceptionally energy-saving
  • Enormous scope for design
  • Manual or automatic powder booths
  • Powder filter for the separation of paint powder
  • Cyclone separator for powder recovery
  • Up to 80% maximum heat recovery

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