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RIPPERT supplies you with top class spray walls and spray booths in various designs for different operational requirements. One of our proven models is the very low-maintenance RTS-Rotation dry spray wall with rotating brushes, which can be used almost without restriction for physically drying paints.

The RTS-Rotation is ideal where relatively large quantities of paint need to be processed with an unavoidable overspray content. The system, which is equipped with a pre-filter and a fine filter stage, impresses through increased efficiency in the dry separation of overspray: thanks to the brush pre-separation, the maintenance intervals and filter service lives are much longer compared to conventional systems. As an option, automatic cleaning or an external fine filter with automatic cleaning is possible. You can also use the RTS-Rotation system as a horizontal underfloor extraction system.

For shorter usage times or lower overspray quantities, the spray systems with dry separation as opposed to water-sprinkled systems are a meaningful alternative. Our spray walls and spray booths with dry separation via pre-filters and fine filters include the dry spray wall type RTS. Thanks to its modularity, the system can be adapted individually. In this system, the overspray is captured by the exhaust air flow and fed to the filter. The entire spray wall and the drip tray are made of galvanized sheet steel. The basic version with mounted radial fan consists of a wall with a double filter stage: a paper filter or baffle plate filter and a fibre-glass fine filter. You can also equip the spray wall with movable or fixed side and roof cladding. Other accessories from the RIPPERT product range include explosion-proof lights, energy-saving flaps and rotary tables. What is particularly handy is that the spray wall is designed in such a way that the filter elements can be changed in a very short time in just a few simple steps.

With the dry spray wall type RES, RIPPERT supplies you with profitable and absorbent spray walls and spray booths for shorter usage times or lower overspray quantities with dry separation using cartons. The filter system of the RES dry spray wall consists of individual square cardboard boxes. The basic version impresses with a wall and double filter stage: paper filter boxes form the first filter stage, behind which a glass-fibre fine filter is located. The spray wall is available in galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel and can also be equipped with movable or fixed side and roof cladding.

The water-sprinkled spray wall from RIPPERT has proven its worth for many applications. In wet separation, the overspray strikes the water film on the spray wall and is bound in the water. The resulting sludge is discharged via paint sludge separation systems. Depending on the paint system and the separation system version, the separation system is operated in full or partial current mode. The water-sprinkled spray booth with underfloor paint mist extraction is ideal for painting large parts with a high paint throughput – thanks to an efficient vortex washing system including a downstream baffle plate separator.

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Low-maintenance and highly efficient

Spray booth with floor suction (dry separation)
Powder coating and painting system (large cabins) for sugar beet harvesters
Painting system for tractor chassis
Painting plant (wet separation) for car interior parts
Manual painting of metal components

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  • Spray walls and spray booths for different operational requirements
  • Dry splashboard RTS rotation with rotating brushes
  • Dry splash wall type RTS with dry separation via pre- and fine filter
  • Dry splash wall type RES with dry separation via cartons
  • Water sprinkled spray wall for many purposes

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