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A hot topic: the right drying system is a decisive factor in any painting or powder-coating plant, because the appropriate drying not only influences the surface quality of the workpiece, but also determines the energy consumption of the surface treatment system.

This applies equally to adhesive water dryers, paint dryers or powder enamelling furnaces.

In view of rising energy costs, consumption values are extremely important for the profitability of a surface treatment plant. RIPPERT supports you with state-of-the-art drying systems that work in an energy-saving manner and, if desired, can also utilise alternative energy sources in the form of biomass.

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Save energy and costs

Powder curing oven for front door elements
Paint dryer for sheet metal parts
Infrared preheating zone for aluminum wheels
Paint dryer with blow-out floor
Adhesive water dryer with blow-out walls

At a glance

  • Adhesion water dryer
  • Paint dryer
  • Powder kilns
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Energy-saving
  • Biomass as energy source possible

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