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Pre-treatment plants

Our pre-treatment systems are genuine all-rounders. From steel and aluminium to plastics, RIPPERT has developed highly effective processes for cleaning, degreasing, phosphating and pickling or for conversion treatment.

Perfectly tailored to your requirements, we manufacture a tailor-made continuous-flow, chamber or immersion pre-treatment plant for you. Our plants meet the highest requirements for efficiency, ergonomics and environmental protection.

The universally usable continuous-flow pre-treatment plants are specially designed for high throughput. They consist of cleaning and rinsing stages as well as possible layer-forming processes. RIPPERT builds continuous-flow pre-treatment plants for small sheet metal parts extending up to large drag-cleaning systems – even multi-channel plants are feasible.

Chamber pre-treatment plants are ideal if space is limited. In order to include the complete outer contour of the components as far as possible, either the components or the nozzle pipes oscillate during the process. A special version is the single-chamber pre-treatment plant: in this case, different programmes run in a single chamber – the media are fed into separate tanks after each process.

You can pre-treat the most diverse components with manual cleaning booths. An ergonomic design of the booth incl. appropriate ventilation and lighting plays an essential role. This enables your employees to achieve an excellent and repeatable result with as little effort as possible. Of course, the cleaning booths are also suitable for the use of robots.

Manual blasting booths allow you to free the most diverse components from impurities, rust and tinder using different blasting media. For this purpose, we have equipped our booths with automatic abrasive recycling and treatment. Filter systems, pipelines and a switching construction from our own production complete the system.

Our multi-process booths accomplish cleaning, painting and drying in a single booth. The highlight: due to the separate air guidance, the exhaust air is guided downwards through the gratings during cleaning and sideways through the filter boxes when painting. Hence, very little moisture enters the dry filters and hardly any particles get into the cleaning water. In order to completely prevent particle entry, we also recommend covering the gratings during painting. The paint that gets into the cleaning water is usually already dry, so that no dilution takes place in the classic sense. In fact, the paint behaves like small, filterable plastic beads. Multi-process booths are only suitable for low throughputs.

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Everything for perfect surfaces

Dip pre-treatment system
Spray pretreatment system with 2 lines
4 Chamber pre-treatment system
Robot cleaning booth (degreasing)
Continuous pre-treatment system

At a glance

  • Suitable for steel, aluminum, plastics
  • Continuous pretreatment plants
  • Chamber pretreatment systems
  • Manual cleaning cabins
  • Manual blasting cabins
  • Multi-process cabins
  • Meets the highest demands on efficiency, ergonomics and environmental protection

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