Digital solutions

RIPPERT offers digital solutions from the conception and optimization phase of new or existing plants to the design, support and control of production processes with a focus on the paint shop and the link to upstream and downstream areas.

Material flow simulations make it possible to analyze and optimize plants down to the last detail – both on the RIPPERT and the customer side. For example, the customer has the opportunity to simulate its production planning in advance and to understand the plant in detail. With the help of visualization and control tools on the shop floor level, for example, employees, production managers or the management can call up useful information for them. The worker at the paint shop is supported when loading parts, the maintenance mechanic is guided through the maintenance process with the appropriate information material and interaction options, and the management is informed at the push of a button about availability, performance & quality over a selected period of time.

The focus of our solutions is, on the one hand, the transparency of logistics and operational management in any period and area, such as the formation of dust, color changes, the traceability of products, the behavior of the operators at the loading and unloading points, the central transparency in areas of possible fault foci, or to support preventive maintenance, e.g. the predictability of wear limits of individual components.

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App-solutely tailor-made


The RIPPERT MES is a system superordinate to the paint shop, which is located in the MES layer in the vertical corporate structure between ERP and "shop floor". The RIPPERT MES in its abstract form stands for an intelligent system that continuously stores data from the paint shop/production and uses it for optimization, control and analysis of the paint shop/production or makes it available to humans through appropriate visualization options.

Depending on the expansion stage, the RIPPERT MES monitors, visualizes, controls and optimizes either exclusively the paint shop or additional upstream and downstream areas in production.

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Preventive Maintenance App

The RIPPERT maintenance app is designed to support the maintenance personnel during their work and at the same time to provide a transparent representation of the maintenance processes at the paint shop. The maintenance technician is supported by the display of acute/pending maintenance processes and is provided with the necessary accompanying material for the correct execution of the maintenance. Via the app, the maintenance personnel provides feedback to the MES about the maintenance work, its status and the required material.

The aim is to achieve higher productivity by reducing downtime, and to effectively control and support the deployment of maintenance personnel. By accompanying the maintenance work and the request for documentation, transparency is created, thus reducing unnecessary costs caused by downtime.


  • Display of current maintenance procedures with all detailed information.
  • Call up of maintenance operations performed in the past with all detailed information.
  • Documentation of performed maintenance in the form of text and pictures.
  • Confirmation of maintenance carried out.
  • Display/call up of auxiliary materials in the form of text, picture, video.
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Preventive maintenance appt

RIPPERT Warehouse

The RIPPERT warehouse enables an effective spare parts and document management for the paint shop. The modern and innovative cloud solution has a modular structure and offers a variety of functions for the intelligent and efficient ordering of spare parts, management of documents/instructions, and provides an overview of all important data concerning the paint shop.

The heart is the "Plant explorer", which contains all assemblies and spare parts for the paint shop. Delivery times, stock levels and more are thus visible at a glance. Orders for spare parts can then be efficiently placed online - as in an online shop - to the desired delivery address.

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RIPPERT Warehouse
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