• Cellular wheel sluices
  • Knife gates
  • Multi-cutters
  • Non-return valves

Cellular wheel sluices
Cellular wheel sluices are used as discharge devices under filters, cyclones and silos, as well as for channelling materials into pneumatic conveying systems. In a special tested version, however, these can also be used at the same time for the explosive decoupling of complex plant systems in the
sense of the ATEX regulations.

The multi-cutter is ideally suited for the chopping up of paper or plastic waste strips as well as veneer residues in extraction pipes. It works with a set of fast-rotating, but air-permeable blades. The connection diameter is DN 160 and the motor has a rated drive power of 0.75 KW. In order to be able to definitely assess the usability for the application, it is advisable to provide us with representative material samples. The assessment is also often proven by pilot plant trials. The advantage of this is that the degree of chopping can also be determined.

ATEX non-return valves (EX)
Non-return valves are passive decoupling elements in pipelines for preventing dust explosion effects from running in the opposite direction to the conveying direction. The non-return valves are type-tested protective systems in accordance with directive 94/9/EC, better known under the synonym ATEX 95.

In normal operation, the top-mounted flap swims on the air stream in the housing of the non-return valve and in this way is held open. At a standstill the valve flap closes under its own weight and rests on the diagonally cut inflow pipe. If an explosion occurs behind the non-return valve, the air flow direction is reversed due to the increased counter-pressure. This causes the flap to close. The valve flap is additionally pressed against the inflow pipe by the pressure of the explosion, thus reliably sealing the pipeline against an explosion backdraught. These non-return valves function without external energy. The RSK and BPF-M series are available in the sizes DN 160, 200, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 600, 630, 710, 800, 900 and 1,000. The two series differ in that they have different versions and application possibilities.

The non-return valves, as type-tested protective systems, are sold through Brilex Gesellschaft für Explosionsschutz mbH, Hinterm Gallberg 15-17, D-59929 Brilon; www.brilex.de

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