Feeding of filtered-out materials to silo systems over long distances (up to 700 m).

Pneumatic medium-pressure conveyor systems
For the conveying of filtered-out materials such as wooden splinters and wood dust or for the conveying of products in the derived timber products industry with large conveying quantities over great distances.

Pneumatic medium-pressure conveyor systems are economical, reliable and enable flexible adaptations to individual conveying routes. The conveying air stream is generated by a rotary piston compressor. As opposed to fans, these have almost vertical characteristic curves; i.e. the volumetric flow rate remains almost constant as the pressure in the conveying system increases. This ensures safe material transport.
Special cellular wheel sluices are necessary for channelling the conveying material into the conveying stream, such as knife gates for derived timber products. Cyclones, filters or combinations of the two are used to separate the conveying material from the conveying stream.

The economical conveying lengths lie between around 150 and 750 m. The loading of the conveying stream can amount to up to 5 kg/m³ and essentially depends on the grain size, density and form of the material to be conveyed.

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