Rippert filter plants clean the dust-laden air created by grinding, milling, planing, welding and other manufacturing processes in the woodworking, metalworking and plastics industries. Dust and swarf of all kinds are fed through the most diverse filter systems and separated from the air. The filter plants are tailored to suit the customer, depending on the application.

More than just filter technology

Filter plants are manufactured in various systems depending on the customer-specific requirements. All relevant conditions for your needs are already taken into account during the planning. The basis for the layout is the filter design, e.g. inline filter, round filter, compact filter, special filter, mobile vacuum or positive pressure deduster and the cleaning of the tubes or cartridges. Compressed-air cleaning (jet cleaning) is also used as an alternative to the gentle purge-air cleaning. Naturally our experienced engineers will advise you on this.

Maintenance of air purity with filter plants

The dust particles are reliably filtered in the micro-range in the highly efficient filter plants from Rippert. We place the extraction process as close as possible to the source of the dust generation in order to achieve an optimum result with the filter plant. The air cleaned by the filter plant is well within the limits prescribed by the legal regulations and is fed back into the production process as return air. As a result, Rippert dedusting plants achieve a very high level of efficiency.

Rippert – pioneer in filter plants

Rippert Anlagentechnik can fall back on decades of experience in the planning, production and assembly of modern filter plants and is represented on national and international standardisation committees. We meet the high standards demanded of us through innovative, high-quality and state-of-the-art technology. With tailor-made filter plants we achieve maximum energy efficiency, optimum environmental protection and maximum operating reliability.