Repair or maintenance of fans.

Fan impellers are often subject to high degrees of wear due to the solids in the conveying medium. Preventative maintenance helps to save costs, because a completely destroyed impeller can only be replaced by a new one. An impeller that is only partly damaged can easily be repaired and is comparable to a new impeller with regard to its subsequent service life. Naturally we also repair fans not made by us.

Balancing and inspection of bearings
The increasing demands on the performance, smooth running, weight, quality and life span of machines mean that increasing importance is also attached to mechanical vibrations. Balancing helps in most cases to eliminate the vibrations or at least to reduce them to an acceptable level. The fact that mechanical vibrations are not only unpleasant but also damaging is shown by a drastic shortening of the lifetime of gearboxes and roller bearings as well as the occurrence of fatigue fractures or unacceptable noise. The diagnosis is imbalance or bearing damage. Both causes result in elaborate repair work. While the bearings can be exchanged by the user’s service technicians, external services are required for the balancing of a fan impeller, since a balancing machine and special know-how are needed for this. Rippert uses state-of-the-art balancing machines in accordance with DIN ISO 1940 for this.

Stationary balancing
Rotor size:  max. DN 4,000 mm
Rotor weight:     max. 10,000 kg
Measuring procedure:    force measurement
Balancing quality:  Q 6.3*
* other qualities on request

On-site balancing
In addition to stationary balancing in the factory, Rippert also offers on-site balancing. This saves elaborate disassembly and assembly work as well as time-consuming and, depending upon size of the impeller, expensive transport.

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