• 15Jan2019
    Auszubildende besuchen Firma Hettich in Kirchlengern

    Hettich investiert in eine hochmoderne Pulverbeschichtungsanlage von Rippert, die höchsten Umweltschutz- und Qualitätsstandard entspricht.

  • 14Nov2018
    Flexibility for the coating of aluminium wheels - made by Rippert

    New alloy aluminium painting plant at Super Alloy in Lossburg, Germany

  • 08Oct2018
    Rippert liefert hochmoderne Beschichtungsanlage für Aluminiumprofile

    Die Solarlux GmbH hat am neu erbauten Stammwerk in Melle in eine hochmoderne Pulverbeschichtungsanlage von Rippert investiert, die höchsten Umweltschutz- und Qualitätsstandard entspricht. Der Spezialist für Wintergärten, Terrassenüberdachungen und Glas-Faltwände beschichtet dort sämtliche Aluminiumprofile. Um den hohen Qualitätsansprüchen gerecht zu werden, ist die komplette Pulverbeschichtungsanlage als Sauberraumanlage konzipiert. Von der chromfreien Spritzvorbehandlung bis zum Pulvereinbrennofen wurde alles auf maximale Effizienz ausgelegt und u. a. mit patentierten Wärmerückgewinnungssystemen ausgestattet.

  • 15Sep2018
    Rippert on Tour

    Auszubildende schnuppern Hamburger Luft!

  • 08Sep2018
    The flexible work machine

    A material flow and process dream - made by RippertA new coating plant for aluminium wheels has been in operation at Brock Alloy Wheels in Jajce / BIH since mid-2017. This is firstly a coating plant for large batches - effective, reliable and direct. If need be, however, it is a coating plant that can map all current coating processes. Without leaving the coating plant, all options for "special coatings" are available via a shortcut for diamond cut wheels as well as several roller conveyors used as bypass conveying technology. The balancing act between OEM requirements and the creative variety of the after-market world is thus executed perfectly. 

  • 01Aug2018
    Rippert supplies ultra-modern coating plant for injection moulding machines

    Engel, a manufacturer of injection moulding machines, has put a new pre-treatment and powder-coating plant into operation in its Kaplice works, which will supply all other works with coated parts from a central location. Rippert supplied the ultra-modern plant with a production planning system that enables colour-sorted input on one side and consignment-related output on the other. It includes a vision system with recognition of the workpiece position on the suspension gear, optical determination of the degree of occupancy and a camera station for real pictures at the output to the consignment allocation.

  • 08Jul2018
    Rippert supplies ultra-modern aircraft surface-treatment centre

    Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG has put an ultra-modern surface-treatment centre into operation in Stans, Switzerland. Rippert supplied all the coating and drying systems as well as preparation stations with dedusting systems. They are used to coat both components and entire jets in the associated hangar. The emphasis with these systems was on maximum energy efficiency and flexibility. All systems are monitored by a central control system.