Employee Story Bibiane Andresen – trainer of the technical product designers

Bibiane Andresen – trainer of the technical product designers Training enjoys a high priority in our company

I got to know Rippert as a schoolgirl when I came here for three weeks of work experience. Since I already liked drawing as a school pupil and mathematics was one of my favourite subjects, technical drawing appealed to me right from the start. That’s why I consciously wanted to undergo an apprenticeship as a technical product designer at RIPPERT when I finished school. I found the training to be variable and of a high standard, in particular due to its practical orientation.

Employee Story Training enjoys a high priority in our company Employee Story What I like is that no two days in the office are the same.

Following my training I initially worked as a technical product designer, where I was involved in the development of many technical products. I have been responsible for supporting the apprentice technical product designers since the beginning of 2017. Of around 50 apprentices, about half are learning the profession of technical product designer. These also include lateral entrants, such as former students. In addition, I am also responsible for the work experience students – we look after about 100 of them every year. What I find particularly pleasing is that no day at the office is like any other. My task field actually includes everything that plays a part in training. We aim to implement practically-oriented training. One example of this practical orientation is that the apprentices are already involved in projects with their drawings in the first year of their apprenticeship and can subsequently follow how the plant components that they designed are finally assembled in production. Excursions to and inspections of companies where a Rippert plant is in use are among the fixed dates in the apprenticeship calendar. As part of a young team, I accompany the apprentices over their entire time and I’m always ready to listen when it comes to questions, suggestions or individual experiences, whether at the vocational college or in our works. Great importance is attached to apprenticeships in our company. One of the corporate goals is to make it possible for young people from the region to enjoy a successful career. That’s why the chances of being taken on at the end are really good here. I love working in this profession. My work environment is rather dynamic because things are always changing where training is concerned. I find it exciting to watch the development process of the apprentices and to be able to help them lay the first cornerstone of their working life. After all, together we are like a football team in which we are the trainers and the apprentices the players. Our common goal is the best possible apprenticeship with a successful completion. I have no problem integrating my hobbies into the working day. These include cooking. I’m always trying new recipes, including from other cultures.

What I like is that no two days in the office are the same.

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